Day 42

Overall, in today’s reading, we see the execution of the tabernacle by those who God chose, and we can see the details being carried out as instructed but before going into today, I couldn’t help but backtrack again into previous readings from where Moses broke the stones with the commandments written on them to yesterday’s reading. And I think it’s the friendship that still amazes me. I said to myself, ‘wow, Moses has got God’s back!’ We are used to saying God has our back, but do we have his? Though Moses’ manner of approach may have been wrong — breaking the stones in anger, making people drink gold and water, killing 3k men etc., it takes a friend who has got your back to fight for you!

I also mentioned that I couldn’t help but wonder — God was always with the Israelites; what was happening with the other humans in the world? Further to that is how were the other gods created? How did people know to build images to bow to them? Why did God only choose the Israelites? I dwelt on these thoughts for a while.

So my thinking is God created Adam and Eve; they procreated. They must have told their children about the events of the garden of Eden. Likewise, their grandchildren, and this must have been passed on (history). I believe these generations decided what they wanted to do with what they were told, just like us today. Some believed others didn’t, and Abraham was one of those who did and pleased God. God then made promises to him, and through him, we have the Israelites. I have not researched this, but my thinking is based on how I can relate to family or traditional history today.

That said, it may seem as though the Israelites have had a change of heart in today’s reading. They willingly gave more than enough towards the building of the tabernacle. In fact, the builders stopped at some point to let Moses know they had enough, and Moses then informed people to stop bringing gifts. How nice 🙂

One thing that stood out was that the builders didn’t keep some for themselves, neither did Moses. They were honest enough to tell the people to stop bringing, that they had enough. Hmmm… These days, we see greed and some sort of emotional blackmail when it comes to giving. And not only in the church, in everyday living.



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Daily Bible Musings

Daily Bible Musings

My musings from reading the entire bible (chronological). Not a Preacher. Unravelling what I’ve been told about God to knowing him for myself